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why join us?
Bright Skills helps companies digitize their business faster by creating high-performing agile development teams using Low-code. Our teams create strategic and business benefits for our customers. To embrace speed and flexibilty we have a agile organization containing multiple development teams working in long-term pertnerships with customers.

The teams has one main priority - to continuously increase their speed and flexibility. We support the teams by a sharing a common culture and way of working and leveraging our company's structural capital. Team spirit is very important to us and is part of our company culture and values. Our vision is to create an innovative and challenging environment that creates value and satisfaction for our employees and customers. 
who are you?
We are now looking for the next generation of developers specializing in low-code and OutSystems development platform. As an OutSystems developer at Bright Skills you are driven by working close to the customer and the buisness value you create. You will be challenged by developing complext digital solutions in large enterprises.

Do you have the right mindset to become a Low-code developer at Bright Skills. We believe

You have the ability to understand requirements and transform these into a digital solution
You are an active team member who question, discuss and come up with solution proposals
You have an ability to make logical reasoning and have a strong analytical capability
You work proactively, take responsibility and contribute to the team spirit
You have a constant focus on quality and pay attention to details
You open to using various tools and are focused on the outcome rather than the way to get there .
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