Accelerating digital transformation
our Vision
We create high-performing agile development teams to accelerate digital transformation of our client's business. Our strategy is to create a team-centric organization where the teams are involved in long-term partnership with our clients, dedicated to develop faster and better digital solutions for our customers.
Key sucess factors are: 
Long-term engagements with our clients
Close collaboration with business
High availability and flexibility
Cross-functional and self organizing
Full application life-cycle management
Continuous improvement and feedback

Each team is built to achieve maximum performance on a technical platform. The team will improve their performance using technology that speed up the development and their ability to quickly adapt to fast shifting customer demands and expectations. The team works in close collaboration with the business, engaged in long-term partnerships with our clients learning their business.

The team and individuals are evaluated after each release measuring the team delivery capability. We put great effort in developing the teams and individuals through skills development and feedback. By keeping the teams intact over time, specializing on a technology and continuously reflecting on how to become faster and more responsive, we can create an truly agile digital team.
our Mission
Bright Skills helps companies to digitize their operations faster by creating high-performing and long-term sustainable development teams, leveraging rapid application technology. We do this by

Organizing the company into delivery teams that work in long-term partnerships with our customers
Acting as one company with common values ​​and methods, developing and utilizing the company's structural capital
Recruiting and developing employees with high potential in order to strengthen the team's performance
Creating an innovative environment that contributes to personal development and where commitment and joy are in focus
Continuously evaluating tools and new technology in order to quickly develop products and services for our customers

Our Partnerships
OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform for building enterprise-grade apps really fast. Using OutSystems we are able to create a truly agile and collaborative digital service, developing enterprise-grade web and mobile applications that drives real business results. We provide expertise and guidance to support our customers at any stage of their OutSystems adoption 
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